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I have loved doing arts and crafts for as long as I can remember. I took a strong interest to creating useful things with my hands using my imagination at a very early age. I started spinning 35 years ago, and weaving five years later. It's something I'm truly passionate about. They say that the best business to get into is something you love to do because doing business won't feel like work at all. This is why I decided to turn my passion into a full-time retirement business.

I established Rose Cottage as a means to help other people who are also passionate about arts and crafts. We offer exceptional quality farm made yarn for arts and crafts that are the softest you'll find in the market. Our premium quality luxury fibers exceed all others in texture and softness and are great for making all types of apparel. We also offer top qualit goats milk soaps, rubs, oils, lotions, as well as handmade paper crafts, felted images and sculptures, and special order tartan weaving.

Our Services

We specialize in hand spinning yarns for you in such luxury fibers as cashmere, merino wool, silk, and angora rabbit. I love soft things, so you can be sure every inch that goes through my fingers is going to be as soft as I can make it. Whether you want to knit the softest sweater or the finest lace shawl, you can find or order what your imagination desires.

My Scottish ancestors came to Virginia way before the Revolution, but my family retains a strong spirit of connection to Scotland still. One of my clans, The Rose Society of America, is the source of our name. The badge you see on our pages is the Rose Clan badge and the motto, Constant and True, is a touchstone to which we cling. Of course I love the flowers, and have as many as I can manage, but the name is our Scottish name. In the past I have served my other clan, the Scotts, as “Tartan weaver and guru”. So, if you are a Rose or Scott too, I have ALL your setts.

Our Products

  1. Hand Spun Yarn
    Hand Spun Yarn
  2. Hand Crafted Soap
    Hand Crafted Soap
  3. Tartans
    For Scottish Tartan weaving, you may find I can provide exactly the sett you desire, in the material most appropriate for your needs. My personal favorite is a 50/50 blend yarn of silk andwool, but if you prefer worsted wool, cotton, modal, or even linen, I can weave it for you.